Why Switch to Raw?


Dogs are built with a very short, acidic digestive system that is designed to process food quickly. They lack the digestive enzyme amylase which is needed to digest grains. The lack of this enzyme results in the digestive track to work overtime and places huge strain on the pancreas. Consuming a diet that is not appropriate for our loved domesticated carnivores can contribute to symptoms including chronic diarhea and bowel disease; just to name a few.

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the balanced diet

Our domesticated carnivores benefit most from a "Balanced Raw Diet" which looks like..

65-80% raw meat including bone

Great for keeping pearly white teeth and healthy gums, and low impact exercise.

5-10% raw organ meats

EXCELLENT nutrient dense source loaded with vitamins and minerals incld. A, B, D, E & K vitamins, phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium etc..

omega3 supplement

Great for immunity, gut, healthy coats and more.

the deal with the poop

Now that your carnivore is on an easily digestible raw diet; this equates to less waste! (WE LIKE THAT) Raw fed pets have very small poops that are chalky in texture and have a much less offensive odour.


For transitioning your pet from kibble to raw theres a few different approaches including, cooking fully to cooking less and less with each feeding, mixing your raw with existing kibble while increasing raw to kibble ratio at each feeding. For other suggestions visit us in store.

healthy coat

A raw fed diet reflect a beautiful, shiny, less greasy and smelly coat! This is a result of the undamaged nutrients. (cooked food damages nutrient values)


Over the years of feeding our carnivores a poor canine diet, we have seen, unfortunately an increasing amount of animals suffering from disease.

feeding your puppies

Feeding your new puppy a high caloric intake contributes to bone disease, and inappropriate growth rates.

I have gained such a different perspective when it comes to what is truly best for my pet, the education I have received has been such a great overall experience
The proof is in the pudding, my dog is happier, healthier, and everything the raw diet promised to deliver came through
My dog was diagnosed with alopecia, switching him to raw completely diminished all of his symptoms, I'm so relieved
I just started feeding my dog a raw diet, she loves it! And that makes me happy
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Holistically balanced recipes

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pets 4 life

ultimate diet organic

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big country raw

chicken dinner

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big country raw

beef dinner